TED talk is live!

JHU BME recently highlighted Dr. Natalia Trayanova's TEDx talk, wherein she discusses her lab's research into developing personalized virtual hearts. Dr. Trayanova begins by discussing the rationale behind her research, notable moments in her lab, and finally ends with a personal message to all her viewers:

My parents put me on an elevator to a science career. And there I was – I became a scientist. That elevator took me to a truly unexpected place. I would have never imagined I would get to a floor where I would be working directly with physicians, making the decisions on how to deliver the best care. Like me, you may not know where your elevators are going to take you. But take a chance, press a button, get out of the elevator, and find out.
Dr. Trayanova's TEDx 2017 talk, entitled "Your Personal Virtual Heart," is on Youtube! Check it out!